Thursday, April 12, 2018

FLL - Into Orbit: Training...Updated

FIRST LEGO League space engineers start your training...

Start your research:

     NASA -

     NASA Robotics Alliance Project -
         (Although this is directed to grades 9-12, 6-8 graders can understand most of the information)

      ESA -

For building inspration, you can download building instructions from past LEGO models. Type in "Space" for the theme.

Q-Tip: On "almost" every challenge theme since 2000, there has been a mission that involves retrieving a loop model. On this past year's Hydro Dynamics it was the Pipe Removal. In Mars Mission (2003) it was an Ice Core like the model below:

In recent years another popular mission was to push something to make something rise & stay in position. I believe it first appeared in Body Forward (2010):

There are similar missions in the LEGO Education Space Challenge Set that you could practice.

Veteran teams think about past theme missions, what else could be on this year's theme?


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