Saturday, April 28, 2018

FLL - Hydro Dynamics: Field Model Leftovers...

The Hydro Dynamics FLL (FIRST LEGO League) season has come to an end, now what to do with the Robot Performance field set-up models?

Well, you can:
     1. Keep the models and mat, so that you might revisit those exciting moments of the tournament by running a mock tournament.
     2. Keep certain models that seem to reappear in a similar form each year (loops), so that you may practice during the off-season.
      3. Invent your own scenario, with the models, of an obstacle course.
      4. Dissemble them and add them to your growing collection of elements (there is sometimes a new element that is not found in the LEGO kits).
     5. Or re-mix them for another use, such as...

Converting the Barriers to a Business Card Holder!

Converting the Faucet to a Bank




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