Thursday, September 14, 2017

FLL - Hydro Dynamics: Using the Color Sensor on the Field Mat...

Once again it is a new exciting FITST LEGO League season!

This year's mat is very colorful, so the Brics~2~Bots engineers decided to test (using our test robot "Testy") the color sensor out on this year's mat, programming with the EV3 software. So here are some tips  for new teams when using the Color Sensor....

Test 1: Using WAIT for Color > Compare > Color whether black or white the color sensor sometimes detected very light (for white) and very dark (for black). That could be a problem!

Test 2: Using WAIT for Color > Compare > Reflected Light Intensity you can:
    1. Calibrate for black or white before the matches using Port View on the robot controller to measure Reflecting Light and adjust your program to WAIT for Color > Compare > Reflected Light Intensity for the resulting Threshold. 


     2. Write a Color Calibration program using the Color Sensor block which can be made into a MyBlock. Then place that color calibration MyBock at the beginning of the mission program to calibrate for a specific color & Write/store it in a Variable (give it a name, i.e. the color) that can be used to Read data (the light's threshold vale) into the WAiT for Color  block in the mission section of the program.

    Color Calibration & stored                                 Applied in a mission to find the Black line.

      3. If your missions programs are all under one EV3 Project, you can write a calibration program, saving the Threshold value in a Variable that can be used in any of the missions saved in that project. Several different color variables can be stored in the project.

Good Luck @ the tournaments
Remember Gracious Professionalism
Have FUN!!!


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