Thursday, August 31, 2017

FLL - Hydro Dynamics: Robot Game Rules Highlights...

Robot Game Rules - What's the rule?

This year's rules have basically remained the same as last year. 
R01 - ALL EQUIPMENT - All Equipment must be made of LEGO-made building parts in original factory condition (remember LEGO is one of our sponsors - Thank you LEGO!)
Except: LEGO string and tubing may be cut shorter.
Except: Program reminders on paper are okay (off the Field).

Except: Marker may be used in hidden areas for identification.

R02 - CONTROLLERS - You are allowed only ONE individual controller in any particular Match.
For your Brick Controller you have the choice of the following LEGO Mindstorms Bricks: RCX (the one that started it all - mine still works on older computer OS systems), NXT, and EV3. 

You may use any of the LEGO Mindstorms motors, however

R03 - MOTORS - You are allowed up to FOUR individual motors in any particular Match.

Other LEGO motors: Wind-up or Pull-back are not allowed.

R04 - EXTERNAL SENSORS - Use as many external sensors as you like.

R05 - OTHER ELECTRIC/ELECTRONIC THINGS - No other electric/electronic things are allowed in the competition area for Mission-related activity.

Except: LEGO-made wires and converter cables are allowed as needed. Wires from Mindsensors and other third parties may not be used in competition.

R06 - NON-ELECTRIC ELEMENTS - Use as many non-electric LEGO-made elements as you like. Be creative folks!

R07 - SOFTWARE - The Robot may only be programmed using LEGO MINDSTORMS RCX, NXT, EV3, or RoboLab software (any release). No other software is allowed. Patches, add-ons, and new versions of the allowable software from the manufacturers (LEGO and National Instruments) are allowed, but tool kits, including the LabVIEW tool kit, are not allowed.

Keep in mind that robots and attachments will be checked at the Robot Inspection and possibly at the game table, so please adhere to the rules.

STARTS - After getting to the Field on timeyou have at least one minute to prepare.
you may...
• ask (respectfully) the Ref to be sure a Mission Model or setup is correct, and/or
• calibrate light/color sensors anywhere you like.

• You are not allowed to interact with any part of the Field that’s not COMPLETELY in Base.
Except: You may Interrupt the Robot any time.
Except: You may pick up Equipment that BROKE off the Robot UNINTENTIONALLY, anywhere, any time.

• If you combine a Mission Model with something (including the Robot), the combination must be loose enough that if asked to do so, you could pick the Mission Model up and nothing else would come with it.
• If you combine a Mission Model with something (including the Robot), the combination must be loose enough that if asked to do so, you could pick the Mission Model up and nothing else would come with it

R13 - LAUNCHING - A proper Launch (or re- Launch) goes like this:
   o Your Robot and everything in Base it’s about to move or use is arranged by hand as you like, all fitting “COMPLETELY IN BASE” and measuring no taller than 12inches” (30.5 cm). This rule has been re-stated.
   o Reach down and touch a button or signal a sensor to activate a program. The Technician  should not be touching any part of the robot during the countdown.

R14 - INTERRUPTING If you INTERRUPT the Robot, you must stop it immediately, *then calmly pick it up for a re-Launch (*if you intend one). Here’s what happens to the Robot and anything it was
Transporting, depending on where each was at the time:
  o Completely in Base: Re-Launch
  o NOT completely in Base: Re-Launch + Penalty
  o Completely in Base: Keep it 
  o NOT completely in Base: Give it to the Ref! The Ref takes it.

R15 - STRANDING - If the UNINTERRUPTED Robot loses something it was Transporting, that thing must be allowed to come to rest. Once it does, here’s what happens to that
thing, depending on its rest location:
  o Completely in BaseL Keep it
  o Partly in Base: Give it to the Ref! The Ref takes it.
  o Completely outside Base: Leave as is (only the robot may bring it in Base during its run)

• If the Robot separates Dual Lock or breaks a Mission Model, Missions obviously made possible or easier by this damage or the action that caused it do not score. Please try not to destroy the models - it delays the game in repairing them.

R18 - END OF THE MATCH - As the Match ends, everything must be preserved exactly as-is:
• If your Robot is moving, stop it ASAP and leave it in place. (Changes after the end don’t count.)
• After that, hands off everything until after the Ref has given the okay to reset the table.

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