Tuesday, July 11, 2017

FLL - Hydro Dynamics: Field Mat...

The 2017-18 FRIST LEGO League season, HYDRO DYNAMICS,  is underway…

The Field Mat and model building elements kits are being shipped and here is a sneak peek of the mats…

Again, the mats are beautifully illustrated and seem to be made of the same material as last year.

The Base area is basically the same size as last year’s Base plus Safety area, however without the Safety line. This will allow a little more room for the robot and its attachments.

There are, of course, black lines for line following and positioning stops.

Word of caution: This mat if folded or bent, may cause creases and it easily tears! Handle with care!

August 29, 2017 - Hydro Dynamics Challenge release...



  1. I'm so excited i'm in a team too and its turning out great!

  2. Good luck this season!
    Check the blog for tips & rules clarifications.
    Search the "Search This Blog" for tips from previous seasons - type in FLL