Sunday, June 25, 2017

B2B Lab: Racing Pull-back Motor Bugs...

Every so often LEGO® comes out with a couple of Technic sets that include a pull-back motor. The sets are usually vehicles. 

So, the Brics~2~Bot engineers decided to create new models for the pull-back motor and designed “Racing Bugs”. We did a little picture researching on bugs first, then designed LEGO bugs using the pull-back motor.

Here are a couple of the results….

And they're off....

Luc made a smaller bug with a small puul-back motor that was produced in 2002-3


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Girls & Robotics...

     The Chapin School is a girls’ school in New York City. They have developed an outstanding robotics program with an after-school robotics program of about 100 girls. They have now expanded their program by establishing a nonprofit organization,  The Community Bots (, that is providing FREE Mindstorms robotics equipment and training for middle school girls and their teachers in underserved communities both in NYC and Latin America.

     If you have used and functioning Mindstorms NXT kit equipment or would like to donate money, please contact Jack Cooley at or go to

Transform the life of a middle school girl through robotics engineering!

Give a girl an opportunity to learn how to build & program her own Wyldstyle (LEGO movie) robot!