Saturday, December 24, 2016

B2B Lab: Holiday Displaay 2016...

Season’s Greetings!
from the
Brics~2~Bots Engineers

A majestic church with carolers singing Christmas songs.
See more about the church @

A Menorah - Happy Hanukkah!

Waiting for the train at the station. The train is powered by RC Power Function System.

The Gingerbread man waves from outside his house.

Kids frolic in the snow.

The Toy store will be open late with Mrs. Claus.

Santa is lead by Rudolph the Red-nose reindeer. 
Thank you Jason from JKBricks for the PF motorized idea of Santa and his deer. We, however, “robotized” our sleigh with EV3 robotics. Sounds were added through the EV3 brick.

A train tunnel with a waterfall that leads to an underground stream under the town.

This was a collaboration of all the Brics~2~Bots  students. Various elements were used in making this display along with elements mixed and matched from the following kits:  Santa’s Workshop 10245, Gingerbread House 40139, Gingerbread Man 5005156, Winter Top Shop 10249, an earlier version of Winter Toy Shop 10199, Anna’s Sleigh Adventure 41066, Power Functions System, and LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kits (Programmable Brick & Medium Motor)with NXT Lamp components (which are hard to see in the video).


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