Monday, September 19, 2016

FLL - Animal Allies: Scoring Apps...

There are now 3 FLL Animal Allies 2016 Scorer Apps available at the App Store, however I would only recommend two of them:

FLL Animal Allies 2016 Scorer - Raymond Pang
FLL Animal Allies 2016 Scorer - Asha Seshan

Both scoring Apps are free and easy to use on your iPhone and/or iPad. They both have Timers, a place to store the results of the runs, which can also be displayed as a graph. 

One,  FLL Animal Allies 2016 Scorer by Raymond Pang, includes a video game, “Poop Pluck,” I really don’t know why?! 

I prefer the FLL Animal Allies 2016 Scorer by Asha Seshan, but you take a look at both and decide…


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

B2B Lab: Juno Spacecraft...

This past July 4, 2016, the spacecraft Juno, after a 5 year journey, entered Jupiter's orbit. To commemorate this historic event, Brandon ,from the Bircs~2~Bots Lab, built a Juno LEGO model and submitted it to LEGO Ideas.

Look for it @ 

and please vote if you like it!

B2B Lab: Star Wars Chess set...

And the Star Wars battle rages on between the Light and Dark forces, the Resistance against the First Order. 

This is Luc's project that he submitted to LEGO Ideas.

Check it out @   
and if you like it, vote for it!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

B2B Lab: Double-Sided Bricks...

Ever wish you had a double-sided, studs on opposite sides, of a brick? Perhaps, you needed to attach two plates with the studs facing out. 

Well, there is a solution, NO we are not going to glue to bricks undersides together! 

Use blue half pins (makes for tighter fit and less of a gap between the elements) to connect the bottom of a brick to a same size plate. Simply insert the pins into the “tubes” of the brick and plate and click them together! You can use the following bricks square/rectangle 1x1, 2x2, 1x2+, 2x3+; round 1x1; and their matching plates. The round 2x2 brick and plate can be connect with a #2 axle w/grooves. You can even connect two bricks together using blue half pins. 

And yep, it works with brick and beam elements. Use black pins (for a tighter fit) to connect the elements.
You could also use four 1x1 roof bricks wedged into the corners of the inside walls of the bricks and plates (see Pinterest), but I feel it doesn't connect the elements tight enough.

Walla, new elements!