Wednesday, August 3, 2016

FLL - Animal Allies: The Field Mat...Updated

If you haven't received your Animal Allies Field Set-Up yet, here is a sneak preview...

This year's challenge mat has a beautiful background. Last year, Trash Trek mat (introduced for the first time), a second line to the Base line it was called the Safety area which included the Base as well. This year as you can see there is a second line, but this year the whole area of the two lines to the Southwest corner is just considered Base.

The weight and texture of the mat seems to be the same as last year's mat, which is nice.

Notice the triangular shape in the lower southeast corner? I wonder what that is for? Update: that is where the referees will put the "penalty" discs (manure - poop!)

There are black lines for location detection and line following to the models, including a circular area. Hmmm, why and how can this be used? Notice the cow? The model with the cow probably will go there. Update: It's a milking center for the cows!

By the way, remember the chicken, cow, and pig from the Food Factor Challenge that were just there for decoration? Well, the chicken made its debut last year in Trash Trek and it seems the cow and the pig finally get their opportunity this year.

This looks like an interesting challenge this year...

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