Sunday, March 20, 2016

Book Review: LeGology Technology: Brics~2~Electronics...

          If you are looking for ideas for a STEM or STEAM curriculum, LeGology Technology: Brics~2~Electronics is a book of lesson plans and ideas for teachers/instructors who want to use LEGO(R) elements as another tool in teaching a variety of subjects. The flexible lessons cover Pre-K to Middle School. For teachers of students with Special Needs, you will find that many of the lessons are doable & adaptable to meet their students’ special needs. 

Using an outline-narrative form; the lessons cover the concepts being taught, suffused LEGO elements, materials needed, info and worksheets, and brief instructions with sample pictures for the projects. The lessons can be incorporated into various subject areas: science, math, literacy, social studies, technology, art, & music, or the lessons can be taught as a separate discipline that touches on several subject areas. The lessons encourage the creative use of LEGO elements while teaching various concepts. For the electronics LEGO Power Functions(R) are used and other products such as littleBits(R) are suggested.

LeGology Technology: Brics~2~Electronics by V.Greene Brics~2~Bots. 2016 is available in eBook form for Kindle on


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