Sunday, March 20, 2016

Book Review: The LEGO Adventure Book: Robots, Planes, Cities, & More...

     The LEGO Adventure Book: Robots, Planes, Cities, & More. by Megan H. Rothrock, is the third book in the series. When volume 2 left off, The Destructor had been caught and was off to jail leaving the world’s AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) safe to continue to create…

Oh no, he’s escaped!

     Once again Megan Rothrock, Meg, takes us on another adventure with the storyline written in text bubbles with cartoon LEGO characters as she is in pursuit of
“The Destructor” and along the way she introduces the reader to some of the world’s amazing LEGO builders. The featured builders are seriously talented AFOLs from all walks of life - a Postman, a Science teacher, Aircraft Parts Manager, IT Developers, Police Constable, and a Historic Preservation Advisor. A mini profile, with a custom minifigure, is given for each builder with web links showcasing their models.
     As in the previous books, Rothrock features some awesome models with amazing details. There are 40 step-by-step breakdowns on how to build the models such as a classic movie theater, an ice cream truck, and even sushi, plus nearly 150 example models in full color. Also, included are building tips from the builders themselves.
     The LEGO Adventure Book: Robots, Planes, Cities, & More. (Vol. 3) by Megan H. Rothrock, No Starch Press 2015, is another great read to add to your LEGO book collection. With the purchase of a printed book , come a free eBook. It may also be purchased at Amazon

     Of course, our heroine catches up with Destructor and he is captured, again… but wait, what is this???


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