Saturday, July 18, 2015

B2B Lab: Medieval Castle...

For the Medieval Castle project we did some research on castles from Medieval Times or Middle Ages 450-1500AD and discovered some interesting facts. For example, there was usually a ditch filled with really dirty water around the castle called a moat. The moat served two purposes: one was for defense against enemy attackers because the attackers could not dig under the wall, nor could they get ladders close to the walls, and they would have to swim across, the probably, filthy moat which was often used for the castle’s waste disposal. For the residents of the castle, they were able to cross the moat over a drawbridge. Which brings us to a little physics of simple machines, the drawbridge is an example of a pulley system and the catapult used for flinging rocks, hot metal, and fire balls is a 1st class lever. 

So here is Olivia’s and Jonas’ Medieval Castle…

Olivia, grade 5, wrote this story:

Once upon a time in the land of Lionsville, there lived a king named Mark the II. He had a lot of troubles. The castle needed cleaning, and there was a lack of servants. 
One day he woke up to the sound of battle. A knight rushed in and told the king, “Sir, the skeletons are about to attack and the skeleton king, King Bones (short for Bonsai) has declared war on us. 
Mark the II groaned. There were enough problems already. “Send for the troop,” he commanded! Raise the drawbridge and get the hot water for ready for the Murder Holes.
“Yes Sir!” The knight responded and ran off to make ready for battle.
Finally, after fearce fighting, the battle was won. King Bones and King Mark signed a truce. The castle got its cleaning from the new skeleton servants. 
And all was well at last.

Jonas, grade 3, created a cartoon about the castle, this is part of it:


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