Monday, July 20, 2015

B2B Lab: Animated Mosaics..

What is a mosaic?  Well, it is a design, picture, or pattern that is constructed by putting small colored bits of material onto a surface.  Architectural Mosaics can be made of colored glass, ceramic, or stone pieces, set in a type of mortar or cement. Mosaic art can also be made out of paper, bottle caps, popcorn; whatever.  The size of the pieces used determine the resolution (the fineness of detail that can be seen in an image); the smaller the pieces the greater the detail of the picture.

LEGO mosaics are made with plates of various sizes or bricks attached to a building plate. LEGO Animated Mosaics uses a MinuteBot® baseplate with bricks, plates with holes, beams, pins, and gears to create a design with moving parts. It could be manually operated or possibly be “motorized” with LEGO® Power Functions, if the movement is a continuous motion. It can also be “robotized” with LEGO® Mindstorms robotics.

Here is Olivia’s and Jonas’ Animated Mosaic project is of a Mimon MC and a Two Man Band in a concert.


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