Saturday, June 27, 2015

B2B Lab: Motorizing LEGO Car sets...

In 2004 LEGO released the LEGO Racers #8652 – ENZO FERRARI and the LEGO Racers #8671 – FERRARI 430 SPIDER in 2006. In 2014 LEGO created a model #10242 of the classic economy car the MINI Cooper Mk VII. All three models are beautiful replicas, however my students, Brandon and Luc, thought it would be really cool if they were “motorized.” So they took the models apart re-designed them to mooooove…

Mini Cooper
Brandon describes how he motorized the Mini Cooper. I built the LEGO®, MINI Cooper model #10242 kit, then I had to take it apart and redesign it a little to mototize it, because I needed to fit the LEGO®  Power Functions (PF) into the car. The LEGO®  Power Functions parts included one M-Motor, one IR Receiver, one IR-TX Remote, and a rechargeable battery box. I had to raise the base of the car to accommodate the motor and the wheels. Then I replaced the back seats with a PF rechargeable battery box and also replaced the engine block with a PF IR receiver. The car was too small to fit two motors in it, so I put the differential gear under the car and for the motor to power the drive wheels with a long axle. With just one motor the car can only move forward and backward.


Luc designed the Ferrai. I used both the LEGO Racers #8652 – ENZO FERRARI and the LEGO Racers #8671 – FERRARI 430 SPIDER models, to create a motorized LEGO Ferrari design. To do this I had to add two Power Function M-Motors, an Infrared Sensor, and a Battery Box to the car. On one side I use gears, so the motors will go in the same way. By using two motors the car would be able to turn. To move the car I used the Power Function remote.

Beeo, Beeo!


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