Friday, February 20, 2015

B2B Lab: Leftover FLL Models...

As the FLL (FIRST LEGO League) robotics season nears its end, the question might arise as to what to do with the that season’s Robot Performance Field Set-up Models?

Well, here is some possibilities:

  1. Keep the models and mat, so that you might revisit those exciting moments of the tournament by running a mock tournament.
  2. Keep certain models that seem to reappear in a similar form each year, (loops) so that you may practice during the off-season.
  3. Keep them and invent your own scenario of an obstacle course.
  4. Find another use for them, such as delivering candy or something - cargo plane zip line from Nature's Fury.

5. Or disassemble them and add them to your growing collection of LEGO(R) parts.

Just a few suggestions…

Monday, February 16, 2015

FLL - World Class: NYC FLL Finalists...

WORLD CLASS: Learning Unleashed 
FIRST LEGO League NYC Finalists


Programming 2nd Place 7080 LREI 5th/6th
Robot Performance 1st Place 7079 LREI 7th/8th
Rising Star 11486 SOF Alpha
Teamwork 10053 The Little Warriors of East Harlem
Judges Award 7651 Grace Gremlins
Inspiration 7399 East Side Middle School 1
Strategy and Innovation 11916 East Side Middle School 2
Gracious Professionalism 5997 GatorBots
Champion's 1st Place / Robot Performance 2nd Place 6000 EduGators
Research 15308 CGPS Lions II
Innovative Solutions 2nd Place 356 Thunderbots
Advanced to Javits 2547 West Side Robsters
Mechanical Design 4647 Trinity Gold
Champion's 3rd Place 4648 Trinity Blue
Presentation 9841 Dwi Sci
Champion's 2nd Place / Robot Performance 3rd Place 4621 Team Ecmsi
Innovative Solutions 1st Place 9786 The Automators
Programming 1st Place 11337 Creative Champion Chefs
Against All Odds 10005 The ROCbotics
Advanced to Javits 8472 Work in Progress
Advanced to Javits 13309 MCS Robotics


Champion's 1st Place 5893 Blood, Sweat, & Gears
Champion's 2nd Place / Robot Performance 3rd Place 4427 Master Blasters
Champion's 3rd Place 10083 Flying Bison
Robot Performance 1st Place 5891 Lego Legacy 366
Robot Performance 2nd Place 4426 Dinobots
Presentation 7620 6 Robo Rebels
Innovative Solutions 1st Place 13435 Nanowolves
Innovative Solutions 2nd Place 1995 Mission Masters
Research 1st Place 14483 BlizzardBots
Teamwork 14482 Lightning Blades
Inspiration 11107 Marine Park Robotics 3
Gracious Professionalism 1st Place 9577 I.S. 318 Bytes
Gracious Professionalism 2nd Place 2642 SRCA Royal Sages
Mechanical Design 5892 FGPA Ladywolves
Programming 1st Place 8796 Neon Wolves
Programming 2nd Place 13716 Mission 11
Strategy and Innovation 2449 Lego Eruption
Judges Award 5896 Smartbots
Rising Star 15238 ROBO WARRIORS 
Against All Odds 12671 JHS 223
Advanced to Javits 14327 Robo Panthers
Advanced to Javits 14687 Masterminds 1


Inspiration 760 BoogieBots
Champions 3rd Place / Robot Performance 1st Place 1082 OptiBotz
Presentation 1551 Sonic Gears
Research 2445 Galactic Pandas
Advanced to Javits 2561 TopGearz
Champions 1st Place / Robot Performance 2nd Place 2571 SkyTekz
Advanced to Javits 3071 FLLASH
Mechanical Design / Robot Performance 2nd Place 3427 N3RDY B1RD13S
Teamwork 3429 GirlBot
Strategy and Innovation / Innovative Solution 11645 Bleeker All-Stars
Advanced to Javits 12478 Atom Smashers
Advanced to Javits 13641 Warbots
Programming 15070 Old Schoolers
Champions 2nd Place / Robot Performance 3rd Place 15245 Ryan Robo-Lions
Advanced to Javits 3430 NEUROBOTS

Staten Island

Champions Award 1st Place / Robot Performance 1st Place
St. Clare's Transformers 2
Innovation Award
St. Clare's Transformers 1
Research Award
Robot Performance 2nd Place
Mustangs 1
Mechanical Design
Mustangs 3
Gracious Professionalism
Knights of 24
Advanced to Javits
St. Clare's Transformers 3
Advanced to Javits
Rogue Knights


Robot Performance 2nd Place  5357 RoboTron2
Champions 1st Place / Robot Performance 1st Place 5355 RoboTron1
Mechanical Design  13452 Team Omega Ruby
Programming  12127 Bronx Task Force
Research 4518 Basement Cubs
Innovative Solutions 13453 Team Alpha
Inspiration 15201 C.S. 300 Spartans 
Teamwork 10885 The Millenium Falcons
Advanced to Javits 4843 Plasma Penguins
Advanced to Javits 15029 The Owl-Matics
Advanced to Javits 9666 The Bronxville Bookworms


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