Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Review: STEAMPUNK LEGO®...

I recently purchased STEAMPUNK LEGO® by  Guy Himber, (No Starch Press, 2014). It is a fascinating LEGO® & Steampunk book. Fans of Steampunk and/or LEGO® will really enjoy this book. Would make a great gift. too.

So what is Steampunk? For those who are not familiar with the term the author of the book describes it as: Steampunk is a creative genre that imagines an alternate history of 19th-century technology. Its devotees employ a fanciful blend of fantasy, science fiction, and historical adventure to tell their stories. Electricity has just started to enter the realm of the common inventor, but steam-powered machines are the tools of the day. Clockwork gears and mechanisms are often exposed for ease of service and ease of appreciation. Daring inventors float through the skies and roam the countryside in their fantastic contraptions. 
The creations in the book are amazing! I like the way the Guy Himber, author/editor, presented the models. It is written as if it is a Victorian age style journal with illustrations reflective of the period; with the look of old parchment paper, calligraphy writing, accents of that age, and a dash of LEGO® gear elements (not that LEGO was invented back then), but a nice touch. The fantasy journal talks about new inventions of the Industrial Revolution - trains, cycles, horseless carriages, ships & sea creatures, robots, airships (including those that will take us into space), beasties, armamentss, sundriess & cabinet of curiosities (for lack of a real category), and of course the SteamPunk world of floating rocks.
This book takes LEGO® building to another art form. 

I bought the book in hardcover printed form and No Starch Press gives you a free eBook of it - sweet. STEAMPUNK LEGO by Guy Himber, (No Starch Press, 2014) is a full coloured, beautiful & interesting tabletop book; as a wonderful gift & inspiration to the LEGO® builder. It reveals "infinite possibilities of little plastic bricks."

It inspired me to build The SteamPunky Buggy, this robotized SteamPunk vehicle pays tribute to the book and the LEGO® Mindstorms ®robotic systems; with at least one element from its Mindstorms kits from the RCX to the EV3, plus a bit of Technic, Bionicle, & classic bricks.  

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