Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Book Review: Beautiful LEGO® 2 DARK...

Whether you are a fan of LEGO® building, or are fascinated by the "dark side" of creepy, the bizarre, the whimsical, the futuristic, or Steampunk; you will like Beautiful LEGO® 2 Dark edited by Mike Doyle (No Starch Press) 2014.
The models or should I say works of art are intriguing and mind-blowing; having one say, "OMG, how did they build that,? And that's Awesome!" 
On my tablet device I found myself enlarging the images to try & figure out what LEGO elements the builder/artist used. Their choice of elements is what makes the works so interesting & in some cases almost realistic - when looking at the book, hold it (or your tablet device if you have the eBook) at arms length, it's amazing. I also liked the use of light on the translucent elements, it creates quite an effect.

One of my favorites is Lukasz Wiktorowicz Midnight Training 2014,  I like the way Wiktorowicz used a mosaic background to go with the model.

I also like the Shadow Play art of David Alexander Smith.

Like the first book Beautiful LEGO (2013), Beautiful LEGO 2 Dark, edited by Mike Doyle (No Starch Press) is awe inspiring to look at & a testimony to what can be created with little, plastic, building elements.


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