Friday, November 21, 2014

Secrets of the EV3 Core set...

EV3 fans, in case you didn’t know Lee Magpili (one of the designers) has a fun series on LEGO Education’s website: LEGO Mindstorms Education Tips & Tricks called “Secrets of the 45544” (EV3 Core set) - it is pretty cool with trivia and great info too. 

For example, starting with the NXT kit and continuing with the EV3 elements color coded - “all the cross beams, 3m cross beams, double cross beams and much of the others in that
category...” so you can find a particular element easily. Unfortunately, it kind of limits creative style - suppose I wanted a red or orange double cross beam for my design (they do exist, red axle jointers perpendicular are in the 31313 home Mindstorms set, just not in the 45544 educational set).

Funny coincidence, I read the post of 8.12.14 about the color 3m beams - That’s the way I label and name my EV3 Intelligent bricks. Only problem is I’ve run out of 3m beam colors for the amount of EV3 bricks I have! Hey LEGO, add a few more 3m beam colors - orange, pink, purple maybe :-D

Here’s some trivia - I discovered that the track elements, with or without the track rubber elements,  make awesome looking  bracelets! 

Anyway, be sure to check out Lee Magpili’s “Secrets of the 45544.” I am sure it will challenge students and LEGO robotics fans to discover their own “Secrets of the 45544.”

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