Monday, October 20, 2014

B2B Lab: LEGO Record & Play Set...

Stepping back in time... 

While rummaging through my LEGO collection in search of some part, I came across a LEGO Record and Play Set # 4095 (dated 2003). This was a Creator set which contained some very rather unique elements. It had a brick (Electric Technic Motor) that could record motion using two built-in rotation sensors, so that when you attached wheels to the brick, turn it on to record, and move the brick in pattern, it would record the movement. Upon pressing the playback button the motors would move the brick in the pattern it just recorded - Cool!  It also had a nice 90 degreesTechnic Gear Box (one of my FIRST LEGO League teams actually used it in a FLL tournament). So I thought if would be fun to use it in a project with a couple of my students at he Brics~2~Bots Academy

The project was called Weird Cars; after looking at some really weird cars on a YouTube video my students designed their own weird cars using the Electric Technic Motor brick as the chassis of the car. After putting the final touches on their car, they recorded the desired car movement, then let it rip! It was great fun and they learned a little about robotics What is a robot? - A mechanical device, electrically powered, that is programmed (Record movement), from a sensor (rotation sensor), to perform a task (Play).

Here are their robots and what they wrote about them:

Jonas - age 8: “This is Bob. He has a crazy car. He has a helmet so when he crashes, he won’t die.”He also has a Laser to shoot anything in sight. The light makes him see, so he can shoot (the target). He has a ‘springy thingy’ so he can fly and touch the clouds to be his friends.”

Olivia - age 10: “This car has a outdoor garden (with
a pond). I made the little boy (the) driver, because it is weird for a boy to drive. I like the pond the best. There are four lights on it. The hatch (to the buttons to control the car) is right in front of the boy, so sometimes he can’t see anything (that could be a problem). The woman (passenger) is relaxing in the garden.”

P.S. Say LEGO, why don’t you bring the Record and Play Set back, it is a great introduction to robotics!


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