Wednesday, October 9, 2013

FLL - Nature's Fury: To NXT or To EV3...

To NXT, or to EV3, that is the question…that FIRST LEGO League teams are pondering as the new challenge, Nature’s Fury is about to get underway.

When the Mindstorms NXT came out in 2003 it was an improvement over the RCX, but there were teams who choose to still compete with the RCX and were successful.

Again, LEGO has enhanced the Mindstorms robotics kit with the new EV3. Yes, it has an improved microprocessor and the programming has some nice features over the NXT-G. No doubt, the EV3 is an awesome system (even with a few minor faults that LEGO is quickly rectifying – except for the display screen, see New EV3…Update).

So again, teams are faced with the decision to use the Mindstorms NXT or to go out and buy the new EV3 (don’t think anyone is really using the RCX anymore - but then someone, somewhere in the world might :-) each set of course has its strengths. Suppose your team can’t buy the EV3 right now, does that mean they will be at a disadvantage?  NO, in the finally analysis it is not so much the Brick Controller, as it is how a team uses its building skills, programming skills, strategy, and creativeness (see NewEV3…Update) to build a successful robot!


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