Friday, September 6, 2013

FLL - Nature's Fury: Robot Design Rules...

Robot Game Rules

Be sure to read the 4. Equipment rules in this year’s Nature's Fury 2013 FLL Challege Handbook, there is more clarification than last year. For example:

4 – Equipment
 EVERYTHING you use in the competition area directly or indirectly for strategy (mission-related goals) must be made entirely of LEGO-manufactured elements in original factory condition. Stickers are not allowed, except LEGO stickers, applied per LEGO instructions. Paint, tape, glue, oil, zip-ties, etc. are not allowed.
  Exception 1: You may reference a paper list to keep track of robot programs.
  Exception 2: LEGO string and tubing may be cut to length.
  Exception 3: Marker may be used only in hidden areas, for ownership identification.
  Exception 4: Carts, trays, and boxes may be used for hand-transport and storage, off the table only.

REGULAR ELEMENTS - You may use as many non-electric LEGO elements as you like, including pneumatics, rubber bands, and string, and they may be from any source or set (MINDSTORMS® /TECHNIC/ CREATOR® /BIONICLE™/STAR /WARS™/HARRY POTTER™/HERO FACTORY/ etc.). Exception: Factory-made wind-up/pull-back “motors” is not allowed.

CONTROLLERS - You are allowed a maximum of one controller in the competition area in any one match. You could choose one of the two LEGO-manufactured types RCX, NXT or EV3. No other controller is allowed.

SENSORS – This year you are allowed as many sensors as you like, but the types are
limited as follows:
They may only be touch, light, color, rotation, ultrasonic, or gyro.
They must be LEGO-manufactured MINDSTORMS type including RCX, NXT and EV3.

NOTE: Sensors that may have the LEGO logo (such as HiTechnic color sensors) and/or other sensors made "for" LEGO, but not "by" LEGO sold at LEGO shopping sources including or may NOT be used in competition (exception – Research Project models)

Motors: You are allowed a maximum of (4) Four Mindstorms motors in the competition area. 

Quantity limits don't just apply to what 's on your robot. The Robot Inspector (if your tournament has one) & referee adds everything you have with you in your boxes, your hands, your trays, and on the table. All of it counts toward your total of 4 motors. 
   Example 1: You have 1 motor with differential gearing on your robot, plus 3 motors w/ attachments = 4.
   Example 2: You have 2 motors on your robot, plus 2 motors with attachments = 4 motors.
   Example 3: You have 3 motors on your robot, plus 1 motor with an attachment = 4 motors.

A 5th motor in the competition area is NOT ALLOWED, no matter what.


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