Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FLL - Nature's Fury: Field Set-up Kits...

Breaking News!

FLL Nature’s Fury Field Set-up kits are being shipped!

Team #683 just received theirs today and the excitement is mounting as the team speculates the meaning of the markings on the mat and what possible models will be built (but they will have to wait until Aug. 1, 2013 to go online for the building instructions  :-)

First impressions: It comes rolled up, not folded (not ironing!). The LEGO(R) building elements come in numbered packages, that is definitely a good sign; maybe the numbered packages reflect the different models – no more sorting and then searching the different piles when building?! The surface of the mat, they believe, is better than the mats (Food Factor and Senior Solutions) of the past two years; it is smooth, rather than cloth-like which was subject to wear from “hundreds of hours” of practice. However, teams are going to have to handle the mat with care because the edges seem to unravel easily. There are great pictures in the background, but that will also present a little bit of a challenge using the color sensor to detect white or black (however, not impossible).

Well, good luck teams…

by Reee-Bot the Roving Robot Reporter 


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