Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: LEGO Adventure Book...

Here’s a nice book for young (and not so young AFOLs like myself) LEGO builders. The LEGO® Adventure Book: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs, and More! (Vol. 1) by Megan Rothrock, No Starch Press is a rather unique building instructions book, because it is written in a story/comic book style with color photos of LEGO scenes, models, and step-by-step building instructions. There are almost 200 models (25 have building instructions) that span themes of time, places, and styles with short building tips and journal notes; and I love the little speech bubbles of comments. The models and their building instructions are not just the author’s, but also 13 of the best LEGO builders around; with each builder’s name and website to see more of their creations.

The cool models and building techniques are a source of inspiration for LEGO builders/fans of all abilities. The author states on the title page, “For years, I’ve wanted to learn to be a better builder, to do more with the LEGO bricks I have been creating with my entire life. So today, I decided to do it. I packed up my stuff and headed into the unknown. What will I build? What other LEGO builds might I encounter? It’s going to be fun finding out!” I think this statement echoes the desires of most LEGO builders – to be better builders and to see what their creativeness will discover and create.

This is the type of book that you prop up with your LEGO elements spread around you; to read and build at the same time. Buy hardcover book from No Starch Press and receive the free eBook – perfect for your tablet device, which is definitely the way to read and build at the same time.

The LEGO® Adventure Book: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs, and More! is Volume 1 in what is to be a series and I am looking forward to enjoying the future volumes as well. 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FLL - Senior Solutions: NYC FLL Finals...

NYC FIRST LEGO League Finals 

to the

1st place Champion's Award

2nd place  Champion's Award
Trinity School 
Raging Tigers

3rd place Champion's Award
Brics~2~Bots Academy

1st place Robot Performance

2nd place Robot Performance
Forest Hills Robotics League
Gear Masters

3rd place Robot Performance
St. Clare's School
Transformers 1

1st place Robot Strategy & Innovation
Queens Robotics Club
Queens Robotics Club

2md place Robot Strategy & Innovation
Bedford Academy HS
Bedford Bots

3rd place Robot Strategy & Innovation

1st place Robot Mechanical Design
IS 27SI Prall
Mustangs 2

2nd place Robot Mechanical Design
St. Clare's
Transformers 2

3rd place Robot Mechanical Design

1st place Robot Programming
Fort Greene Prep

2nd place Robot Programming
Hunter College HS
HCHS Robotics Team B

3rd place Robot Programming
Dalton School
Dalton 2

1st place Project Research
Edward Bleeher JHS 185Q
Bleeker Stars

2nd place Project Research
PS 8K Robot Fulton
Swagger Bots

3rd place Project Research
IS 383B

1st place Project Presentation
The Chapin School
Chapin Bots 2

2nd place Project Presentation
Packer Collegiate Institute
Bearded Bob

3rd place Project Presentation
Dalton School
Dalton 1

1st place Project Innovative Solution
Forest Hills Robotics League
Planetary Forces

2nd place Project Innovative Solution
The Chapin School
Chapin Bots 1

3rd  place Project Innovative Solution

1st place Core Values Inspiration
The Gateway Middle School
Digital Pride

2nd place Core Values Inspiration
IS 119Q

3rd place Core Values Inspiration
Forest Hills Robotics League
Mindstorm Mechanics

1st place Core Values Teamwork
IS 119Q
Top Gearz

2nd place Core Values Teamwork
NYC Lab School
Gator II

3rd place Core Values Teamwork
Genesis at Xaverian
Genesis Legosmiths

1st place Core Values Gracious Professionalism

MS 45 Beacon Good Shepherd Services
Bronx Task Force

2nd place Core Values Gracious Professionalism
St. Clare's 
Transformers 4

3rd place Core Values Gracious Professionalism

St. Clare's
Transformers 3

Judge's Award
Young Women's Leadership School of Brooklyn
TYWL Robotics