Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LEGO Tech & Robotics: It's the Year of the Girls...

The Chinese New Year is January 23, 2012.  It is the year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac.

However, at the LEGO(R) Group, it’s the year of the girls!

LEGO in its efforts to get more girls involved in LEGO building has come out with a new line of kits for girl interests. In addition to their “Belville,”(ages 5-10) and their “Pink Brick Boxes – Duplo and regular bricks,”(2-5); there is now “Creative Cakes (Duplo) and “Friends” (6-12). Of course, the girls can also build cars, castles, and spaceships (there are a few female minifigures in those kits too).

P.S. I've noticed more girls winning in the LEGO Club Magazine Cool Creations Building Challenge!

Girls are also building and programming the LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots. There is an increasing number of girl participation in the FIRST robotics competitions around the world. Girl Scout teams, all-girl school teams, and private all-girl teams are competing in the FIRST LEGO League (ages 8-14), FIRST Tech Competition (HS), and FIRST Robotics (HS).

In the NYC regional, here are few that will be competing (if you know the names of other ALL-Girl teams, please send it to   so they can be listed:

roboGbots – Brics~2~Bots Academy & RoboMindTech Center (my team)
The Young Womens’ Leadership School
The Chapin School
Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women

And of course, we should give a special thanks to a couple of the women  LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot builders who paved the way:

Fay Rhodes -

Anika Vuurzoon -


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