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Book Review: The Cult of LEGO...

Just in time for the holidays!

The Cult of LEGO by John Baichtal and Joe Meno - No Starch Press, 2011 gives us a peek into the world of AFOLs, Adult Fans Of LEGO(R) ; yes, they do exist and are growing in number. The book is copiously illustrated with color photographs of amazing models built by some of the most renowned AFOL fans and professionals. For the AFOL it is a must have book for their LEGO book collection and for the non-AFOLs this book beautifully explains what this LEGO world is about.

The book starts off with a brief History of LEGO Group; where it all started. The second chapter answers the questions: who are AFOLs, how do they evolve, and where are they found? One of the things I like about the book is that it also showcases the women AFOLs as well; there are a few of us.

The chapter Minifig Mania is all about those little LEGO people, minifigures, from controversy to famous people – minisized.

(Re)creating Icons shows how LEGO builders are using the brick to represent objects, buildings, people, even classic art as brick art. The next few chapters take the reader into the fascinating world of AFOLs building styles: Building with Imagination, LEGO Art, Telling Stories, Micro/Macro, and Digital Brickage; where science fiction, fantasy, art, and expression reveal the creative and remarkable talent of AFOLs.

As a LEGO Mindstorms robotics instructor and builder, I especially appreciate the chapter on LEGO Robotics: Building Smart Models. This chapter shows how LEGO robotics has taken LEGO building into a new realm with its biggest influence on education and future careers.

The final chapter, Serious LEGO, reveals how a  toy  of fantasy has become a tool in the real world to solve problems of human design and machines.

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Give this book to a LEGO(R) fan (or suspected closeted fan), they will love you for it!

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