Friday, September 16, 2011

Omni-Wheels forn NXT - Update...

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Omni-Wheels for the Mindstorms® NXT robot hobbyist...

Rotacaster - Australia 


HiTechnic - Marcy, NY

However, a creative alternative...
If you happen to have a pair of Tetrix® Omni Wheels you can adapt them to work on your NXT robot. The Tetrix® Omni Wheel attaches to the Tetrix DC drive motor or uses a metal axle to attach it to the metal frame of the robot, but it can be adapted to attach to the NXT Interactive Servo Motor or as a free moving wheel attached to a Technic beam. It's excellent as a third wheel (see above photo).
The Omni Wheels can also be doubled for more stability & traction.

This Omni Wheel can be ordered from LEGO® Education; come as a pair of wheels, one spacer, and four screws. However, I used two of the 3/8" Butt Head Screws, and two 1/2" Socket Head Cap Screws.

NOTE: The Omni Wheel from Rotacaster is NOT allowed in FIRST competitions. The Omni Wheel from LEGO® Education is used in the FTC competition, which uses the Tetrix® and Mindstorms® NXT® kits to build their robot. Sorry FLL teams, this wheel can not be used in the FLL competition - yet! (:-)


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