Saturday, September 3, 2011

FLL - Food Factor: New Rulings...

Take Note:

There are new rulings concerning Robot Design...

In the Complete Challenge PDF Document: under "robot game - rules, procedures, philosophies and definitions" - 4- Equipment:

You are allowed a maximum of six non-rotation sensors in the competition area. Choose your favorite combination from among the LEGO-manufactured Mindstorms touch sensors, light sensors, color sensors (LEGO RGB color), and ultrasonic sensors.

This is in reference to the NXT Mindstorms, any combination folks, and yes, there are only 4 Input ports on an NXT. Hmm, think creatively folks and it does say "in the competition area." (hint, hint, :-)

For using the RCX:
RCX robots are allowed, with a max of eight sensors from among touch, rotation, and light.

Also, be sure to download the awards descriptions, there is a change in the Awards:

Remember to keep up with the clarification of or new rulings:

LEt's GO Teams!


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