Sunday, January 3, 2010

Using the Dswitch...

I recently purchased the DSWITCH from Dexterindustrie

As advertised:
The dSwitch is a controller designed to be used with LEGO(R) NXT Mindstorms hardware and software. The dSwitch controls any appliance in your house, such as a light, a toaster, or anything else you can plug into a 110V switch. The device acts as a switch, allowing your NXT inventions to turn off and on any appliance in the house.

Howwever, when I downloaded the dswithon & dswitchoff blocjs only the dswitchoff would import into the NXT-G (educational version). So I e-mailed the company & they responded right away with a new download, but alas that didn't import either. It was suggested that using the motor block at 75% will turn the switch on & off, which works, thanks!

I also discovered that the following program also works.

The Dswitch controller is pretty cool with the possibility of some fun applications!

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