Thursday, January 14, 2010

Robotic Teamwork...

Ree-bot the robotic engineer here…

Recently, while hanging out on the shelf with my robot buddies I had a spark of an idea – suppose I had a project, needing two NXT controllers, where I needed the program on one NXT to start exactly with a program on the other NXT controller. What to do, what to do? Then it Touch-ed (sensor) me – ha, ha, ha!

First, I tried daisy chaining three NXT Conversion cables; it had some interesting results that didn’t work quite the way I wanted. So, next I tried two NXT Conversion cables - attached to each other, one was plugged into Input 1 of Controller X and the other into a Touch sensor on the other Controller Y, which also has a Touch sensor connected to Input 1 of that Controller Y. Now what? Have each program RUN, waiting for Wait Touch; press both Touch sensors at the same time, but what if one thumb is a split second faster that the other??? Then I remember a little artistic (it was just for looks) trick that a student had in Ms. LeGoBots Lady’s AMNH ( American Museum of Natural History) Robots in Space class. I have to give credit where credit is due – thanks Alexandra!!

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