Sunday, July 12, 2009

NXT Consumer kit or Educational kit???

The Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (Consumer version kit) is on sale $279.99 .

Yippee OR not!! And what's the difference between the Consumer version & the Educational version???

The new Consumer version has new elements & new software...

A Color Sensor which detects different colors, different light intensity, as well as, a color lamp.

There will be 2 Touch Sensors, but no Sound Sensor, however, you can still buy & use a Sound Sensor with the kit; I will assume LEGO(R) decided to eliminate it from this kit, because it is sometimes hard to use with extraneous sounds around.

The 2.0 software contains a few new icons/blocks, sounds, and a Sound editor to create customized sounds with a built-in or computer microphone. A Picture/Icon editor to import picture files to the NXT display. A new Bluetooth Contact Block that lets the NXT connect & disconnect up to 3 other NXTs while running a program. Also, there’s an on screen Remote Control from your computer to try out your model while programming.

There is 42 more pieces in the kit, instructions for 4 new models and will be offering 10 bonus models with building instructions.

However, a word of caution... there seems that there may be some software issues with your older NXT programs. Remember what happened when LEGO(R) went from RCX to NXT - well this change is not quite as drastic, but don't look for a seamless transition.

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Once I get my hands on the Consumer version, there will be a follow-up on this topic...


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