Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New FTC kit...

New FTC kit…

The word is out… the new FTC kit is available to registered teams and there are some new goodies (they must have read my post of FTC - Face Off! Reflection...) Actually, they took a survey from the teams and made changes:

TETRIX™ Base Set, which includes:
o Improved Servos, DC motors
o NEW omni wheel
o New game sensor
o Brackets and mounts
o Structural channel and plates
o Structural tubing and hubs
o Wheels and gears
o LabVIEW, MINDSTORMS NXT, & Robot C software for FTC & licenses
o LEGO Bluetooth dongle
o Hard Point Connectors for attaching TETRIX to LEGO Technic
o Two Logitech joystick controllers
o HiTechnic controllers
o Battery pack, connectors, and charger
o Hardware and hex keys
o User guide and FTC game manual
o Storage bin

Teams have 3 options:
1 – Tetrix Base kit & NXT kit - $999.
2 – Tetrix Base kit - $799.
3 – Low-cost option for those who have last year’s Tetrix & NXT kit – Updated software & new game sensor - $149.

Teams will also be able to buy more than one kit this year.


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