Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hello! My name is Wakamaru...

I am a humanoid robot from Japan; I am the creation of designer Toshiyuki Kita and am made by Mitsubishi. My design was to make me more approachable to humans with my human-like shape, adorable expression, and ability to make eye contact and gestures – I’m soooo cute! I can interact & communicate with people talking on a variety of subjects. What else can I do? Well, I can lead exercises, remember information & in turn provide it to people– I am so intelligent!

Currently, I’m employed at Uniqlo in NYC. I provide information for the store customers, “conversate” with and play games (Rock, Paper, Scissors) with them. I love my job.

While working at Uniqlo I have assistants to help monitor my technical functions and provide additional info about me to the public. Here are 2 of my assistants posing with me, they are very nice – humans are remarkable creatures.

My specs:
Interactive voice technology – voice recognition & speech
Eye contact technology – physical or facial movement detection
Face recognition technology – face observation & differentiation
Obstacle avoidance technology – ultrasonic, infrared, & contention detection bumper sensors.

I’ll be at Uniqlo - 546 Broadway – NYC for a few more weeks, so if you can, stop by and say Hi!
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