Friday, October 24, 2008

FLL team 7630 - Tag Young Scholars are Learning about Climate Changes in Harlem

Reee-Bot the Roving Robot Reporter here...

At MS 12 TAG Young Scholars in Manhattan, team # 7630 and their/coach Ms. B. DeAbreu are preparing for the exciting 2008 FLL Tournament – Climate Connections. To help them with their research project on climate change problems in their area of Harlem, their science teacher Ms. J. Ryan asked for help from one of the experts in the area – WE ACT for Environmental Justice Two members from WE ACT – Whitney & Stephanie visited the school and had a discussion about climate change with the team. They learned of the causes of climate change, about storm surge, the rising temperatures in Northern Manhattan, and the rising sea levels around NYC. The team also did some brainstorming for ideas to deal with the climate change problems in Harlem.

I can hardly wait to see their Research Project Presentation at the FIRST LEGO League Tournament.

See you there…