Thursday, August 14, 2008

LEGO: From a Toy to an Art Form...


This is Reee-bot the Roving Robot reporting on a fantastic visit to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center to see "Architecture of the Imagination: The Lure of the LEGO® Brick Featuring Nathan Sawaya: The Art of the Brick™". This extraordinary exhibit is the work of Nathan Sawaya, a New York based "brick artist." Here I am posing under the life-size tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

What is a "brick artist?" One who uses LEGO® bricks, what is normally viewed as a child's building toy, to create sculpture & "brick mosaics" that could hang next to any modern art painting.

Sawaya's works of art can be playful in meaning or explore human emotion that leaves the viewer to interpret its meaning as in "Red" - is the human reaching for something out of the bricks, or is he sinking into the pile of bricks, & what could it symbolize? However it is interpreted, it is truly amazing how he creates these structures of art out of literally thousands of little plastic bricks. For more info about Nathan Sawaya & his art >

"The Art of the Brick" is the first major museum exhibit in the U.S. & Canada to focus on LEGO® building elements as a new art form. It is currently touring the U.S. & Canada:

TELUS World of Science Edmonton - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) - December 15, 2008-May 3, 2009
Turtle Bay Exploration Part & Museum - Redding, CA. - May 16, 2009-January 3, 2010
Crown Center - Kansas City, MO. - May 23, 2009-September 7, 2009
Everhart Museum - Scranton, PA. - February 4, 2010-May 2, 2010
Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences - Peoria, IL. - April 2, 2010-September 6, 2010

P.S. For those parents who ever wondered why you bought your child those little plastic bricks & elements that you would find in pockets while doing the laundry or stepped on with bare feet in the middle of the night (Ouch!), playing/working with those little bricks could very well lead to becoming an architectual engineer, robotics engineer (through LEGO® robotics) & oh yeah, a "brick artist."

P.S.S. By the way, it's not just a "boy toy," let's hear it for the girls who are just as creative at designing & building. And as for you AFOLRs (Adult Fans of LEGO & Robotics) it can be a rewarding life-long hobby - that's gospel from a 60 year old grandma!