Friday, April 25, 2008

Hail, believers of LEGO® technology & robotics…

This blog is basically about my adventures in the Realm of Robotics, as well as, imparting information on LEGO® & Tech/VEX® robotics. It will be for the educator teaching robotics in the elementary through high schools, as well as, for the hobbyist; of which I am both. There will be information about FIRST®, RoboCupJr, & other robotics events (mostly in the New York City & surrounding areas).

Why robotics? Think about it – robotics is a estimated to be over a 500 billion dollar emerging industry. Its impact is liken to the effect of mass production on the industrial revolution and computers on the information age. From an educator’s point of view, it’s a challenge, it’s hands-on, project-based, it’s learning in action; that encompasses various subject areas. From a hobbyist point of view, it’s a challenge, it’s hands-on, it can be a form of life-long learning, and more importantly – it’s FUN!

-V. Greene

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